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The awesome
stopping movement training
goes US!

In Cooperation with international stopping movement trainers, I will host 2 classes per week teaching this awesome training.  

Based on the Grinberg Method the main aim is to stop repetative (movement)-patterns and shifting the attention to the body.

Why? In order to break the drowsiness of automatisms and be alive!

The training will offer you to train your attention, break drowsy habits, level of energy and allow you to find infinitive move.

So what are you waiting for - life is now happening!

The main pillars of this training are following:

#1: Every movement stops with the beat of the music

#2: After every "Stop" you find a new movement

#3: Breathe fully while doing this

#4: Surrender to your body and listen to what it has to say

via Zoom
sMove! online 9th - 23rd of December

sMove with us!

This week with Trainers from Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Austria!

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Die großartigen Fotos von mir wurden von Rita Newman gemacht.

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