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What if?

... you could be magic?

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Focus your attention on the movement of your chest.

And then imagine what would you wish for, if you could do magic?

There are no limits and no rules. Be totally free, unrealistic and even excessive. Modesty is not an option.

Neither is worthlessness or deficiency allowed. Dig into abundance, bath in it and ask yourself the question:

What if, I can have a great life, a loving husband, cool children, an awesome job, tons of money and a lot of fun?

Breathe and feel the energy caused by this imagination.

Adapt my "what if sentence" to your wishes and dream on a little bit, while breathing and feeling the movement of your chest.

Nice - isn't it?

Usually we tell ourselves why something doesn't work. Why we have to stay in a relationship, endure the moods of our children, meet the demands at our work. Yeah, life is not a pony's playground, you know!

This attitude positions us as a victim of circumstances. We are ineffective and impotent.

Now feel how the energy of this attitude affects you. Your breathing, your movement of the chest and your level of energy.

I guess it is low and your chest is not moving anymore.

It's all about the attitude

When I work with clients, they consult me, because they have a situation, a problem in which they are confronted with intense feelings like threat, pain of loss, embarrassment. They meet feelings of impotence and helplessness. No matter what they try, nothing works. Which makes them feel like a victim. They believe in their lack of power. This is a feeling nobody wants to experience. So they want a change.

However, they are still perceiving themselves as victims. If they keep their attitude about themselves as victims of the circumstance, we will not be able to create a fundamental shift.

However, if we can shift their attitude from lack to abundance, from the powerless victim to an empowered creator, a fundamental shift will change their life. It will change how they perceive themselves, the world around them and the stories they used to believe.

So this is my starting point:

What if you can reach whatever goal or wish you have?

Asking this question opens up a new way of thinking, a thinking out of the box.

Asking this question allows us to check in on what is really important to us.

Usually clients meet me because they do not want to experience something anymore. They don't want to feel lonely anymore, treated disrespectfully, overseen, like a nerd, a looser or a disappointment. The aspect of not wanting something is an important part of the process. It is the fuel to our motor, that shall bring us to our goal.

However, before we start our vehicle, we need to know, where to go.

1st Step: Choosing an aim

So the 1st step is choosing a goal. "What do you want to achieve and how do you want to feel, act, be and think, when you reached your goal. What effects will it have on your standing, your relationships, your selfimage and self-confidence? How will you face the world and how will the world perceive you?"

These questions already make a shift in your previous conception of yourself.

Note: Your aim needs to be vibrant and sparkling and full of energy.

2nd Step: Refuse

While defining your aim a lot of BUTs will appear. "But this is too bold, I have to be decent, I will never achieve it, that's too good to become true, I am not worthy, it is really rather difficult, blablabla..."

Now ask yourself: "Will giving up, discouraging me or telling me stories why it will not work. help achieving my goal?"

The answer is NO. So you have to refuse to tune into doubt, self-criticism or reasonable arguments.

Reasonability is not the topic when we are in process of creation!

So refuse negative self talk and focus on your aim.

3rd Step: Be ready and take action

Now that your aim is established and you are focused on reaching it, life will start showing you possibilities. Be ready and prepared!

If it is time to take action - take action! If an opportunity appears that helps, go for it, no matter what. If it frightens you, if it embarrasses you, no matter what, you take action. Why? Because it is your life and you decided that it needs a change. It is up to you to change it!

That applies also to occurrences that hinder you. If your goal is to be respected, you have to stand up and speak for yourself if somebody disrespects you. Why again? Because you chose to create a life in which you strive for respect. And here you can tune into your energy of frustration, hate, anger, fear or embarrassment. They are all very intense. Use the intensity in order to set clear boundaries about what you allow and not allow in your life.

Be strict. It is your life!

4th Step: Keep on going

Keep on focusing on your goal by always asking yourself questions.

"Does this situation serve my goal? How can it turn out even better? What else do I want? Do I need to change my goal or does it need a finetuning? Do I need to set milestone-goals? And which?"

Asking yourself open questions keep you in an open, curious field of abundance where everything is possible, even beyond your own horizon.

5th Step: Track evidence

Keep a journal, noting what your goal is and why. Write down meticulously like an accountant, what you did for it, what you refused, what you stopped. Also be aware of the changes in your life. Some changes are subtle others are loud. Acknowledge them.

What can I create?

You cannot force your will on somebody else. However, by changing your attitude there will be an impact on the way others will perceive and treat you. It is not mathematics, it will evolve on its own way.

You can create a life full of money, freedom, appreciation, humour, vibration and thrilling moments, if you wish so. Energy follows intention. So if you set an intention, you will look out for it. You will become a transmitter sending out a certain vibration, that will attract exactly the same vibration. If you focus on your intention, you will see it and filter out what doesn't fit. This time you set your filter on purpose, not out of random or in memoriam of old, sad experiences.

I love challenges, so my life will be full of challenges. Challenges keep me alive and vibrant. This is how I love to start things. So I will look out for challenges. I will choose sports where I have a challenge, like breaking my time record each time I run. I am not attracted by competition, so I do refuse sports, where I need to compete.

I love appreciation for my work, so I will look out for possibilities where I can share my expertise with an open minded recipient. I will refuse to share my work with closed minded people, that cannot acknowledge other expertises. This may sound arrogant, but if it is my life, why should I choose something else?

So this is how you can become a creator of your life.

You can create whatever you want, nothing is too big, too bold, too much. Do not be humble. Acknowledge that you are a magical being, that deserves everything and above all a sparkling life.

Assuming you are the most important person in your life, wouldn't you like to create it?

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