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Can you handle intensity?

As we all know life is not a quiet river. So more often than we sometimes wish, life surprises us with challenging occurences, demands, circumstances, situations and feelings.

If they won't challenge us, then everything is fine. We have the ability to handle it smoothly.

However sometimes the challenges in our life really disrupts our comfort zone and our ability to cope with the situation.

This can be a loss of a loved one, an accident or an illness. However, the challenge can also appear in your daily life, where you are confronted with a demanding child, a disappointed partner or something apparently trifling like an insult or a nasty comment. Or an insecurity when going out, being in a crowd or just going to the theatres alone.

The impact is very individual, one person is triggered and on the edge, whereas another doesn't even flinch.

However, if you are triggered, you will feel a huge wave of energy in your body, that wants to take over. Your heart beats faster, the blood rushes thru your veins and maybe you even tremble a little.

The sad truth is, that nobody really has learned to be full with energy, to be able to handle intensity.

If you are triggered feelings like threat, anger, helplessness, hate or embarrassment rise up, bearing a lot of energy and we just want to get rid of this energy. What a waste!

Common reactions to intensity

The most common reaction is to calm down this energy, by explaining why we are disrupted or by trying to find solutions, so that we are at ease again. Another reaction could be to collapse and do nothing but endure the challenging situation until it's over.

What if you could manage intensity?

Now imagine you could handle the intensity held in fear, shame, anger or hate.

You could just be with the energy and have it. Then you are just having a lot of energy. And if you do stop judging the energy as good or bad, you have a neutral energy, that makes you powerful, aware of the moment and present. Ready.

Learning to be with intensity

This is an ability that you can simply learn.

Like run as fast as you can, then stop and instead of collapsing, you breathe fully and feel your intense energy.

You could also remember a frustrating energy and instead of trying to reduce the intensity, you open up your body, breathe into it and be with it. Say yes to the energy.

Effects of mastering intensity

IF you are able to master intensity, you improve your confidence in your own power.

You will become more powerful.

You will even become more daring, because the only thing that awaits you is energy.

You will come at ease with the so called negative feelings and you will understand that they are an important aspect in your life.

You will become more present.

You will gain the freedom to live your life recklessly.

If you need help learning how to be the master of intensity, just make an appointment!

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